* * Anonymous Doc: "Please leave a message..."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"Please leave a message..."

I call a patient and get her answering machine:

"You have reached [name].  You can leave a message but you must speak very loud and very slow.  I do not hear well, so you need to talk very clear.  You can spell things, but I do not spell well, so I may not understand.  You should also call back when I am here, since sometimes I forget to check the machine.  If this is my daughter, I can't hear you when you call from the car.  Everyone should wait for the machine to do a beep.  Thank you for calling."

I left a message, but I guess I'll probably try her again tomorrow.


  1. Hey, at least she's aware of her limitations!

  2. Are you really Dave Barry and these are all things that you "aren't making up"? Because that's comedy gold right there.