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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"I have a neck injury from an accident I had three days ago. I need some pain medication. I've taken Vicodin in the past for similar and that seemed to work. Can I have some Vicodin?"

"Did you see a doctor after this accident?"

"No. The pain wasn't so bad right afterwards, so I didn't see a doctor. But I feel the pain now. And it's pretty bad. Can I have some Vicodin?"

"Sir, we should really do some tests to get a better sense of your injury. Can you show me where it hurts?"

"No. It hurts too much to start showing you. Can I have some Vicodin?"

"Well, we're definitely going to need to do some lab work before we give you a prescription for anything."

"No. Why would I need lab work? I'm fine except for the pain. Can I have some Vicodin?"

"No. You may not."

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