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Friday, November 5, 2010

I am getting used to crazy people.

Patient comes in last night after falling and hitting his head. Seems a little altered although his girlfriend says this is his baseline. Standard next step is CT scan. Patient starts freaking out. "No, I won't let you put me inside a machine, no, no, no, no," he starts screaming. We explain that we're just trying to rule out a brain bleed and the test will be quick, won't hurt, finally he agrees. The attending has me go with the patient. We get there and he starts freaking out again. Gets off the stretcher and pulls off his gown and starts running through the halls of the hospital, naked, screaming. I call the attending, who is now even more insistent we do the scan because the guy really does seem altered. The attending chases him down the hall and corners him. The patient eludes him and ends up inside a supply closet, locks it from the inside, refusing to come out. We get hospital police, who aren't real police but just basically thugs with a uniform, who get a key, unlock the closet, and carry the patient out, force him onto a bed, and my attending injects a sedative into the patient and puts him to sleep. This morning, he is calm and has no memory of what happened.


  1. I'm sorta reminded of Talledega Nights - "I'M ON FIIIAAARE!"

  2. Just another day at the office.