* * Anonymous Doc: "I'm Hot"

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"I'm Hot"

"Hi, [Patient], this is [Anon Doc].  I got a message that you called."

"Yes.  I am feeling very hot!"

"Have you taken your temperature?"

"Yes, it's normal."

"Have you been feeling okay otherwise?"

"I guess so.  But my stomach is bothering me now.  I think because I am hot."

"Are you drinking enough fluid?"

"I don't know. Why am I so hot?"

"Have you been outside?"

"No, I've been inside."

"Is it too warm in your house?"

"Yes, the air conditioning is broken.  I called the repairman, but he isn't here yet."

"So it is hot in your house.  And therefore you are hot."


"And you called me... why?"

"Because I don't want to feel so hot."

"You're feeling hot because you're in a hot place.  Go somewhere with air conditioning and you'll feel better."

"But I have to wait for the repairman."

"Okay, this isn't a medical problem.  Keep hydrated.  You're hot because you're in a hot place.  Go to a cooler place."

"Can you prescribe me anything?"

"So you won't feel so hot?"


"Air conditioning."

"Can you call it into the pharmacy?"

"No.  Go somewhere cooler.  Have a good day, and feel better."


  1. You don't have a magic wand that fixes air conditioners???

  2. I swear to you, someone came into the ER the other day with a triage complaint of just "Hot".
    Hmmm, coincidence?