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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Had a patient today who insisted that because she had a clean mammogram eight years ago, it means she's fine and doesn't need another one. Do dentists have this problem? Do patients insist that their teeth were clean a year ago and so there's no way they need another cleaning? She was telling me that before that mammogram, it had been eight years since the previous one, and she was fine last time so that must mean that she doesn't need them so often. And this logic made sense to her. I could not convince her otherwise. She did say she was willing to take a look at the information about a colonoscopy, but couldn't commit to it until she showed her friend. "Is your friend a doctor?" "No, but he knows things." Medical things? I doubt it. Who's she asking for advice about whether she needs a colonoscopy? With whom is she talking about her colon?

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